We Deliver Smiles

Affordable. Nutritious.
We deliver smiles.

Meals on Wheels enhances the quality of life for elder residents by providing appetizing, nutritious meals, support and a friendly smile.

What’s more, we operate in virtually every community in America through more than 5,000 independently-run local programs committed to supporting their senior neighbors to live healthier and more nourished lives in their own homes.  

Are you social distancing during the pandemic?

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Let Meals On Wheels Wyoming Valley provide you with nutritious meals dropped off at your door. No need to food shop or cook. Contact us for more information about cost and free home delivery.

Frank“The meals are top of the line. Very friendly and polite volunteers are delivering. The meals are keeping me out of a nursing home.”
-FRANK, 96

“I have been receiving the meals for 2.5 years. The food is hot, tasty, and fresh. I especially like the friendly faces that deliver it.”

Robert“The meals are a lifesaver. They are a great service to the Valley. God bless the volunteers.”


83% of low income, food insecure seniors are not receiving the meals they need.

We can help.

Who We Are

Celebrating 50 years of service: 1969-2019


Meals on Wheels of Wyoming Valley is a non-profit organization that provides nutritious, home-delivered, low cost meals to people in need. We serve seniors, people on fixed and limited incomes, anyone recently discharged from a hospital or nursing home, folks who are convalescing from illness, and anyone who is unable to prepare meals for themselves.

Since 1969, Meals on Wheels of Wyoming Valley has served the region from the kitchens of Church of Christ Uniting in Kingston, Pennsylvania.

What makes us special compared to other Meals on Wheels organizations is that we do not accept any government funding or subsidies. Instead we are 100% funded by meal payments and your generous donations

Who We Are

365 Days of Meals

1 Day in the Hospital

10 Nursing Home Days

Meals on Wheels can serve a senior for an entire year for about the same cost as just 1 day in a hospital or 10 days in a nursing home

Delivering More Than Smiles

Step up to the Plate!

For just $6 per day, we can provide a person in need with breakfast and lunch, home-delivered by our friendly volunteers. Your gift will help sustain and grow our impact!

Celebrating 50 years of service


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Volunteers keep our Meals on Wheels program turning! Join us!

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Meals on Wheels
Wyoming Valley

Mailing Address

190 South Sprague Ave.
Kingston, PA 18704

Physical Kitchen

Church of Christ Uniting
Kingston, PA 18704

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Affordable. Nutritious. We deliver smiles.